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Studio Design

Throughout Paul's 34 year career he has been put in the enviable position of designing many of the studios that he will mix in.

He has worked with both large budgets and small budgets. He has designed small 12’x 12’ protools project rooms as well as large 30’ x 40’ rooms.

One of the highlights of his studio builds was traveling to England to meet with representatives from SSL to help them modify the center section of an Avant console to my specifications. This modification was so well received it was retrofitted into many if not all of the SSL super analogue and digital consoles.

He's recently finished his latest project in NYC. This is a mixed-use facility with two floors adding up to 2800 sq feet.

He has been able to work with limited construction budgets by using local crews with strong supervision. It has also become easier today to build a high quality room with world class gear because both the equipment costs and wiring needs have been reduced considerably. His specialty in studio design is the ability to alter the acoustics of the room, all the walls and clouds can be canted or angled up to 20 degrees to eliminate nodes, anodes, or standing waves.



12 x 12 project room3rd floor studio30 x 35concept room


12'x12'Project room
20' x 13' Studio
30' x 35' large Format
30' x 40' Concept Room

Univision 685 3rd avenue

(2) 1200 sq. ft. Shooting Stages

& 11,000 sq. ft. of office space

TBD Sept. 2014

Completed and Dolby Approved January 13th 2013 

Wall of Sound August 2013

20' x 20' 7.1, 5.1 Film/TV

20' x 30' Mixed Use Stage
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