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20' X 30' Mixed Use Stage

$100,000 Budget

This Modern facility setup on two floors, incorporates the best of everything.

Upstairs is a full Video Production setup with multiple Video workstations, an Avid Symphony finishing suite and a comfortable client environment.

Downstairs is the Audio facility which is comprised of the Main Mix stage, a Live Booth, and a small Control Room.

The Audio studio is setup to do Feature Film Mixing with Dolby Certification, Long and Short Format Television, and Music Mixing.

The studio uses a Protools DAW and an Avid Artist Console. There are Theatrical JBL's nested in a infinite baffle design behind the 12' micro perf screen.

The stage has the full complement of JBL front, sub, and surrounds for Theatrical monitoring powered by 12,000 watts of QSC amplification.

There is also a set of Genelec Nearfields for TV and Music Mixing.

There is a LCD projector for the main screen with 3D capability and multiple LCD flat screens throughout the facility.

The studio also has a DJ Mix desk and a Record Album wall built into the client seating area.

There is full connectivity (audio and video) between the Main Stage, Live Room, Small Control room and the upstairs Video Production studios.

The Mix stage has a unique wall treatment that allows all of the side walls to move up to 25 degrees on their vertical axis to for optimal acoustic characteristics.



Construction June-September 2012

Main Stage
Video Edit and Color Correction
Upstairs client lounge
Backyard Patio
The DJ Desk
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