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Sound Design And Mixing


Paul has worked in the Film and Television Sound Design and Mixing field for 34 years. In that time he has mixed countless TV shows, Series, Spots and Feature Films.

He offers Technical and Creative support during the Production and Editing process. If needed, he will guide the Production team towards their final completion goal of a Theatrical or Television release that will meet all the proper specifications of the industry. His creative input as well as his concern for staying within the clients budget completes the package.

Independent Film Productions and Reality TV Mixing

To help with today’s Independent production budget constraints, He has designed a procedure that keeps costs to a minimum. Part of that process is that the edit and sound design are done remotely using FTP for receiving materials and client updates. The only time Studio costs are incurred is during the final mix and review. This review is done at a full-scale Dolby certified facility. What makes this technique unique is that Paul "premixes" the audio during the sound design/edit. Since he is also the final Rerecording Mixer, there are no surprises. The premix/edit comes into the studio in a "ready to mix" fine tuning stage instead of the usual style of receiving another editors work and taking the time to organize and format the session.

Sound Restoration

Paul's specialty is the restoration of damaged or poorly recorded audio. This is a lifesaver when you are dealing with production audio that has been improperly recorded due either to technical limitations or uncontrolled location noise. Critical production sound that otherwise was determined to be unusable can be salvaged. The Academy award nominated documentary “My Country, My Country” is a great example of audio recorded in very difficult situations encompassing 80% of the film, being saved and used in the final mix.

Here are two examples of unique sound issues that had never been done before that required Paul to remove the original mono mixed music and effects from very well known Films so the actors dialogue could still be used for a new spot.

Diet Coke commercial with Bogart, Cagney, and Armstrong

Pepsi Spartacas commercial with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis

Special Mentions

"My life on the D list” Emmy Nomination

Be good Johnny Weir” Emmy Nomination

My Country My Country” Oscar Nomination

News of the Church” Oscar Nomination

Paul won the Frankenbite award for making sense out of La Ink dialogue where no sense existed.

Latest Projects of 2014:


    • The Man on Her Mind
    • Men of the Cloth
    • Why We Cry
    • Chasing 3000


    • My Depression
    • Small Town USA
    • Shut Up and Look
    • Sense the Wind


Spots and Promos

    • Sportsman Channel
    • MSG
    • Cablevision
    • Optimum


Paul has become a partner with

NYC POST GROUP is a group of highly acclaimed Editors, Color Correction specialists, Sound Designers and Mixers.

By using the talent you've always used but at the same time minimalizing the amount of high priced studio time, NYC POST GROUP delivers on-time deadline driven broadcast quality productions. Please visit the website for more information.



Here is an IMDB link to some of the past projects Paul has worked on: Paul Michael credits



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